Be always in touch, even after you pass away

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I really unsure how I feel about products that try to extend the presence of a human after they have passed. I think people want to believe that tech like this will ease pain and suffering, but I tend to think that it will prolong it. I'll be curious to see what research says about this kind of AI (overtime). I'd also be curious to hear what people of different faiths and beliefs think about this type of AI. Don't take this as negative feedback, so much as an attempt to spark discussion and additional insight.
@corleyh Hi Corley, thank you so much for your constructive feedback :) The experience is very subjective, and that's why we are encouraging our users to look on the positive side of how the experience could be like: Imagine a passed away father still able to connect with his 4 years little daughter? Imagine a passed away mom still able to be with her kids on every birthday, every new year eve, every special family occasions; Are you able to picture how the kids will be positively impacted by staying in touch with their loving dad, or a caring mom? the examples will not stop, every one of us is missing someone: some people are really missing their mom, dad, or even a "friend", by hearing their voice on a phone call every birthday, by receiving a funny email sent by them on a special occasions, by receiving a nice gift from them in Xmas - oh, this is very much better than "no show and silence" - I guarantee that no one of these persons would ever send to you something to make you cry, they will make their best to send something to make you smile, or laugh! our project is full of feelings, everyone is exchanging "feelings" , not just text and voice :) Thank you again for taking the time to write this lovely feedback, Corley, please stay in touch with this discussion space to see different feedback from different users.
@corleyh Also interested in hearing more about this in the future. Products like this definitely have the potential to magnify the fact that a person isn't around anymore. High potential for impacting the lives of your loved ones positively, and high potential for deepening any sense of grief. You couldn't receive an interaction left by a dead loved one without it also reaffirming the fact that they are gone. @eshetwey Do you all account for family members who wouldn't want to receive interactions?
@joeyfigaro Hi Joey, I totally agree with what you said: We respect that some recipients may just want to stop any further messages or phone calls from the deceased sender, all what they need to do is to contact us, and we will ensure they won't receive any messages from this sender, anymore. This is also mentioned in every SMS or Email go out from our system. and if you got a phone call from a deceased person, our system auto-send a follow up email ensuring that you got this phone call, and clarifying that you can stop that if you want.
Hello, We are hoping to get some feedback on this new project, MyTrustedWill, it keeps your family and loved ones in touch with you, even after you pass away. You can still text them, Call them on phone, Leave videos, audios, documents, and much more! The website is managed by two hand-crafted AI Systems, called "Arya" and "TheGoldenNerve", they are checking on every user to verify its life status and ensuring that all the requests are processed in case any of the users' life status is changed. There is "Life Local Verifiers Network", They assist our systems by doing Human Verification to verify the users found in their neighborhood; We are building a wide network of life verifiers to cover almost all countries. Our systems auto-request the nearest local verifier to your place to go and check on you (once it is needed). Lastly, take a look at the efforts made to security, privacy, and whole process :) Looking forward hearing from you all! Ebrahiem.
Be Right Back S2E1
@mrdobelina Black Mirror Season 2, episode 1, for anyone wondering.
Went to sign up, but it looks like the privacy policy is broken:
@joeyfigaro Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we fixed that, you can check the privacy policy from this link:
@eshetewy Thanks! Can you speak more about this: "We never give “backdoor” access to your data or our servers that store your data, period. That means no government entity, U.S. or otherwise, has direct access to our users’ information. There are times when we receive requests for user data from law enforcement agencies. Our legal team reviews these requests and pushes back when a request is overly broad or does not follow the correct process. we may only disclose public information." Does the 'we may only disclose public information' mean 'we may or may not only disclose public information' or does it mean 'we will only disclose public information'?
@joeyfigaro Joey, that's a good question! The short answer is: "we will only disclose public information". Please continue reading for a detailed answer: Every new account, includes information like (ex. Name, Nationality, Home Address) and/or social media links for Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.. This is "only" the type of information that we can disclose, in a very special cases, and only when we are requested by law to share this information with law enforcement agencies. We make sure that the account owner is notified by email and phone call about that. Our system is engineered and designed to make it, simply, "impossible" for anyone to have access to the stored data and view the content! even us. Joey, we even don't have a "reset password" option! As a company: we will never help or allow any government entity to even start a discussion about that. We would rather terminate your account and all its details than giving or helping "anyone" to view your data or have access to, our website is built to make our users to feel comfortable using our services, in an easy, private, simple and secure way! the content of their accounts is owned by them, only. We'll make sure that this point is more explained on our website so it's clear for everyone.
@eshetewy Thank you for the thorough response, Ebrahiem -- and taking the time to respond to my other questions/comments as well.
@eshetewy are you kidding me? 4 emails in 2 minutes, and one more sms. Btw. if you couldn't reset password because it is encrypted, why are you telling in your email next: "If you lost access to your account for any reason, or If you think that someone has managed to access your account without your permission, let us know immediately by calling +1-302-313-6352 to lock your account (rate depending on your provider) your account will be blocked immediately from further use until we make sure the account is secure again." So you can restore my account if it will be stolen. It means that data is not crypted by my password.
@platonenkonik Hi Никита, first of all, let me explain what are these 4 emails, and this one SMS: 1- Verify email: because you're a new user, this is to verify your email (one-time email) 2- Welcome to MyTrustedWill: sent after verifying of email is complete. (one-time email) 3- Account details: includes your account details and some other info. (one-time email) 4- Security Notification: you got it because you logged in to your account - includes IP. 5- SMS: it includes the pin-code in order to pass the 2 step verification. As mentioned above, the first three emails are sent "only" to complete your sign up process, and you'll never receive them again. the last two (email and SMS) you will receive every time - and you can't disable that for security reasons. For your second question: how we instruct users to call us in order to lock their accounts, while we've said that no reset password because it's encrypted - well, let me explain that to you as following: As you can read from the text you received: we will "block" your account, means that no one, even "you", can enter this account anymore, until our team verify the identity of the owner of this account, and until the breach is identified and blocked - then we give the owner a limited access to re-access his account using the old password, then he/she can change the password from the account settings. In case, someone managed to enter your account and changed your account password, what we do is: after verifying your identity, we retrieve the last backup of your account (that includes the old password as well), so you can have all your data back again, and secure your account using a new password. In all cases, we never ask you to tell us your old password, or ever change it for you, we just ensure that everything is back again, so you can login, and change it yourself. I hope this can clear up your queries and concerns about the emails you received, and the encryption of your password - Please let me know if you need further clarifications. Thanks!