myTrestle Button

Revealing corporate values for curious conscious consumers

As you're shopping online, the myTrestle Button Google Chrome extension shows the corporate values of the brands you're browsing. Since the button knows YOUR values, you can easily compare values to make more conscious decisions about companies you support.
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For years I've been working to be more conscious of the products I'm buying. In the process, I've been able to shift my closet to a more thoughtful mix of products from brands that use good materials, hire/pay good people, and use good practices to make them. This extension is the beginning stages of a much larger vision to make the process of conscious consumerism less burdensome!
@barrettabrooks You get the vision! This is just the start of where we're going. The whole goal is to make it seamless to buy the more thoughtful mix of products.
Hi product hunters! @jenniferj_pdx and I are the founders of this project. We are really excited to launch the myTrestle Button to help you know, in less than 3 seconds, the values that you are supporting when you buy from a brand. I'll be monitoring this page all day, so please ask any questions and I'll do my best to respond ASAP!
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Hello all! Happy to make your acquaintances. Thanks for taking the time to check out the myTrestle Button. We're open to feedback and thoughts on what role you see this playing in your lives. Happy to answer any questions! @CarlHickerson
I've had the opportunity to test early versions of this product. Psyched to see it finally being released into the wild.
@turoczy Thanks for the hunt! We are excited to see this tool grow and help brands be more radically transparency with how they operate. They more we know what values we are supporting with our dollars, the more real impact we as modern day consumers will have!
@carlhickerson Happy to help!
@turoczy What a great launch! Thanks for hunting this and getting out to the world. What if it really were just so simple to know what was going on behind the closed doors of businesses?
Our purchases have so much more impact than we realize, and over the years I've been disappointed to know that brands that I purchased from had directly opposed my personal values. When I started down the path of doing the research on my own, I realized that it would be a full time job just to do the research. Now, I set my values and Trestle does the work for me. Now I can be confident that the money I am spending isn't working against the causes I care about! I also like that people can submit brands for Trestle to review, which gives more power to the platform each time I find a new brand. It's like having a personal research team that cares about my values. This is a game changer for consumers, and it's putting brands on notice that they can't do nefarious things without losing my dollars!
@sladesundar1 it's definitely a full-time job to do the research! It's on average 2-4hrs per company! We are really excited about the brand suggestion feature as we are learning what companies people want to learn about most! We have 200+ companies analyzed right now and are adding more every day.
@sladesundar1 You get it. You get it so much. I am borrowing this language because your articulation is perfect. Thank you.
Hey, this is a brilliant product and am sure your company will go places as consumer priorities are shifting towards a more sustainable world. Here is a big Thumbs-Up for the Trestle team!! Am a strong proponent of the idea that companies should not only publish their Financial statements but should also publish what they are doing for the local communities and the planet. Your tool is one of those first steps that would bring in a positive change and enable the vision of a new social contract where businesses exist as a force for doing good and not just for greed. Congratulations once again!
@new_user_21362f37c8 Thank you so much for this review and for your confidence on where we are going. Yes, yes, YES - companies should absolutely be public about not only their financials, but ALSO their actions and operations along their supply chain. And what's more is that private companies are not required to share their activities - We really hope that Trestle will ALL companies to become more transparent. Because if we can create a system where their bottom line is directly correlated with how they operate, we affect real change.