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#5 Product of the DayDecember 29, 2017

MyTravelNerd is a free personalized travel deals newsletter that sends you cheap flights from your home airport.

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Looks very nice. How are the flights sourced? Also, I enjoyed the FAQ monologue πŸ‘
@magnet1cfields Thanks! I spend all day searching for flights and have a semi-automated system that uploads them and sends them out when I find them. Glad someone read it! I think that's a first.
Great job !! Does this work for US country or others ?
@ayush_chandra Only for the US for now but I'm looking to expand. You can enter your home city/country and I'll let you know when yours is supported
@ayush_chandra @skemmis I can't pass through the Typeform form unless I enter a valid city in the last field. :/
@kbariotis Can you select the "Whoops, mine's not listed" and then manually enter your city? Or is that not working?
How is it different than other out there?
@quynh_d_nguyen It's more personalized than other similar products (that I'm aware of). So you can set your home airport and only receive alerts for that airport. We'll also give you advice for where to credit the frequent flyer miles and which credit card to used, based on your elite status and which credit cards you have. Also we send domestic deals, whereas most only send international deals. Also we have a cute nerd as a mascot.
Interesting. I've received some great flights from Scott's Cheap Flights, but I think this might hit on some flights that his service doesn't catch. I selected NY, but a suggestion in the future would be to exclude or include certain airports because we all know LGA is a pain.
@matt_mcspiritt That's a good idea. Luckily there aren't many deals out of LGA to begin with.