A collection of essential travel gadgets, gear and apps

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As a frequent traveler I like the idea. The UI is a bit rough when viewing individual apps, but overall it looks nice. Looking forward to seeing this fill out more and learning about new things to help out when I travel!
@nick_neuman thank you! I'm glad to hear that you like the idea. I will check how to improve the single view. Most of the suggestions where made by myself so far. However, that is why I made the public suggestion so that others will suggest more and more helpful travel apps and gadgets in future. 🌎
This is very nice, travel apps are so overcrowded that most people don’t even know half of the resources that exist on you page. I like that you take people directly to new apps instead of the popular page. Tried submitting an app, it asked me to include an email address on the App/ Gadget Title input, not sure why there should be an email address on the title.
@tono_mb thank you, that's exactly why I made this collection. There are so many hidden champions for very different use cases but you never heard about! The submission form is ready now.
@marcograf I’m still having trouble with the submission form. It Takes too long to respond
@tono_mb i think it is up to your image size. Try a smaller size or simply send the screenshots via mail to
MyTrApp is a great collection of the top travel resources out there - made for travel nuts. It is possible to filter products, apps and gadgets according to different use cases, supported devices and browse through the best travel resources. MyTrApp offers an easy way to find the apps you "really" need and and didn't know it exist!
Marco This is such a great resource which i shall definately use during my forthcoming trip to Arizona. There is one thing i would add and thats a link to a postcard app and so i've included links to my app Postsnap USA below. The app lets users make and send real printed postcards on an iPhone or iPad using the users own photos and message. We print and mail the cards virtually anywhere in the world from our print facilities in USA, UK and Australia. App link: Postsnap USA web page link:
@shomer365 thank you, Postsnap sounds great. I'll take a look .
What a fun app! Simple idea, well executed. Nicely done @marcograf !
@kevinguebert thank you, Kevin.