User Onboarding as a Service

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Bogdan Su
Bogdan SuMaker@bogdan_su · Founder at
Hi, I'm Bogdan co-founder and CEO at myTips. We help SaaS businesses onboard new users and convert them to paying customers with the help of timely, relevant, in-app messages and product tutorials. In essence, myTips is Optimizely for user activation, the easiest way to build, A/B test and analyze user onboarding experiences without coding. If you have any questions or want to help us bring great user onboarding to every SaaS product. We’d love to talk to you=)
Michael Buckbee
Michael Buckbee@mbuckbee · Founder+Developer
@Bogdan_Su This looks really great. I built a similar custom thing for my own service but really wish you guys were around 6 months ago. Doing better user onboarding is probably the highest ROI activity that we've undertaken - definitely an area that doesn't get enough attention - will definitely recommend people check your service out.
Sasha Eslami
Sasha Eslami@sashaeversnap · Founder @Eversnap & Music Producer
We decided to implement myTips instead of spending countless hours on our engineering to build something half as good. Great idea and a great execution by myTips!