Build, A/B test and analyze user onboarding without coding

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Kevin William David
Kevin William David@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Also checkout Sidekick hunted earlier.
RomanHunter@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
Thanks Kevin, we know of them. They're going slightly a different route. myTips is being built as an end-to-end solution to help you create, test and analyze for a complete cycle, so you can track and correct user onboarding performance as you go.
Sean Rucker
Sean Rucker@seanrucker
We're using myTips for Rover's CMS. We looked at Sidekick but found myTips offered a more complete product.
RomanHunter@romanzadyrako · CEO at Signalayer /
@seanrucker Thanks for upvoting Sean. We're happy to be helping Rover.
Katie McCann
Katie McCann@katiemccann · Startup Consultant / Advisor
This looks like exactly what I was looking for. I do wish you guys had an even lower priced entry-level plan, though (with extra limitations, such as a very limited # of tutorials). For a super early- stage startup, even $59/mo is a lot.