Mythic Markets

An investing platform for fans.

Mythic Markets allows anybody to invest in fractional shares of alternative assets with massive fandoms. Starting with pop culture collectibles, we're securitizing vintage comic books and collectible cards, allowing fans to invest in the things they love.
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Oh I'd love to get my hands on the Avengers #1 comic book! So you're saying I can own shares in that without selling off everything I own? If only my mom never threw away my comic book collection when I went to off to college 😭😱
@llee7 It's an all too common story unfortunately, but you might check the attic or garage. Your old collection might still be there! Avengers #1 is a classic book. We'll definitely add that to the platform at some point. I've added a poll in the discussion where you can let us know what you'd like to invest in, and we'll make it happen.
Hi fellow hunters! What did you collect as a kid -- toys, comics, trading cards? I collected Magic: The Gathering cards that would be worth thousands today, if only I had held onto them. I had no idea that collecting the things I loved was actually a smart financial decision. With Mythic Markets, we're combining the nostalgia of childhood with the fun of fandom and the excitement of the stock market. Investing in high-grade, appreciating collectibles can be out of reach for most people; so we built the platform to give everybody investment access to beloved cultural staples, in a way that's familiar to them. In addition to being financially rewarding, we believe that investing can be fun and bring you joy, regardless of income or net worth. What's something that you'd love to own a piece of?
Awesome to see this launch, @epicsaurus. It makes a ton of sense to start with Magic cards. Which categories are you planning to expand to next?
@rrhoover In the short term we're looking into comics and Pokemon cards, with a longer term goal of esports team equity. What would you like to see on the platform? πŸ˜€
I need to check my comics at my parents house !!! who knows what treasure I have over there sleeping somewhere... Thanks to Mythic, I can turn my old comics into an asset !! :)
@wilfriedchung Definitely worth checking out. It's always possible that some are very valuable! Most of the things we'll be featuring on the platform will be $50k and we're happy to help valuate your collection.
What are you most excited to invest in?
Vintage Comics
Magic: The Gathering
Film & TV Memorabilia
eSports Teams
Sports Memorabilia
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