Social Video Camera to shoot and share videos in one tap

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Hi guys! We are really excited to launch MyTape on Product Hunt today :) How often do you share videos shot with your phone camera? Sadly most videos worth sharing stay stuck on our phones because we still need an app to make it happen. So we created myTape, a video camera app that records and shares at the same time. Shoot with myTape and your videos are instantly saved in the cloud and shared with all your friends and the world… in just one tap! Your followers receive a push notification to watch and comment on your video in real time. No rush though, all videos are dated and geo-localized, and can be watched over and over at anytime and shared via any social media. Your life story is on tape forever until you manually delete videos you don’t like anymore. MyTape is a global open community. You can watch beautiful full screen videos from all around the world, discover videos shot around you and explore videos by hashtags. Think of it as a video Twitter! We’d love to see what’s going on in ProductHunters’ lives, so try the app and shoot your first video with the hashtag #producthunt. Looking forward to hearing from you all and discovering what you are up to! All questions and feedback are much appreciated :)
@simbergerperrin Really Nice UX! Great job guys.
@edouardpetit @sbergerperrin Thanks Edouard! Glad you like it! We put a lot of efforts in this!
@sbergerperrin AWESOME. Been using that in beta as a way to stay informed on what my friends are doing/seeing right now, much easier than Snapchat, and very different from Vine, Instagram etc..which are more focused on creation than information.
dead app? no longer in store, website down.