Store and manage browser tabs

Tab Management Chrome Extension that gives users the control to reliably store and manage their browser tabs. No more lost tabs! With MyTabs you can quickly gather all your tabs into one list, manage and organize them in one place.
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I'm addicted to Tabs so I'm going to try it :)
@juanjo_rc Awesome :) Please let us know your feedback of the 7-day trial and what you think of pricing. Thanks!
Hey guys, congrats on the launch. I just had one question, how are you guys different than Toby?
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@mittuled Hey Mittul, today is the first time I've heard of Toby. I checked it out (very nice) and looks like we're addressing the same issue in much the same way. We're going to be adding features that I notice Toby doesn't have yet and not sure how active they are today (as far as adding new features) since the last update was in 2018. Going through their reviews it seems there are issues as well and support isn't responsive. However, it would come down to preference for each user. Give us try and let me know what you think!
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@kemonte_jones Thanks for the clarification, KeMonté. Sure, I'll give this a spin. Do you have a roadmap of the features you are planning? That'll help me decide if I am an ideal early user for you guys or not.
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@mittuled Yes, here's a list of features we are planning, outside of the Right-click menu. We have Drag/drop within groups and working on drag/drop across groups. Dark mode (completed) CSV/JSON exports Search/filtering Merge groups/sending tabs to other groups Share as webpage Back history Schedule tabs to be opened at specific date/time Trash If you don't see a feature you would like, let us know and we'll definitely look into building it.
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Hey everyone, we have just launched MyTabs. There’s a 7-day free trial after which you may sign up for 1.99/month. Or skip the trial and sign up right away for 1.99/month. Many of you may be or have been OneTab users so you would have a good idea of how MyTabs works. We offer those features and more with cloud storage and syncing across devices as a key feature as many have lost or are losing tabs. You don’t have to worry about any more lost tabs. Some of you may be wary of a monthly fee or any fee but we think it’s a reasonably good price. For less than a cup of coffee or a candy bar per month, you’ll get access to current features, maintenance/updates, bug fixes, support for your questions, concerns, and feedback, and new features as we build them. We want to make working on MyTabs and giving you a quality product, service and experience our number one priority. We hope to see you onboard soon. Current Features: Save your tabs securely in the cloud, can be accessed from any computer No limit on the number of tabs Gather your tabs into one list, with the click of a button Manage and organize your tabs: Name your groups, rename tab URLs Drag and drop reordering (within tab groups) Tab hover cards Coming Soon: Right-click menu Dark mode Drag/drop (across groups) CSV/JSON import/export Share as webpage Merge groups Search/filter Tab Back History Please rate us and share your feedback here and in the Chrome Web Store. I hope you like it! Thanks
We noticed when clicking 'Name group' that the page jumps back to the top causing you to scroll down in order to type if you have many groups. We will correct this with an update within the next couple of days. We will also add a link to our Chrome store listing under the Feedback button.
Had an issue with js file not compiling correctly in update. Might cause some login issues but will be corrected early tomorrow morning
Previous issues and updated sign-in/sign-up bug is now published. Sometimes it takes chrome web store a few hours to update the extension but you can update manually from the Extensions page. Right click MyTabs icon > click Manage extensions > turn on Developer mode (top right corner) > then click Update (upper left). Let me know if you have anymore problems or questions. Thanks!