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Mystri is like a peer-to-peer home shopping network, except far more entertaining. We live in a new era where haul videos are replacing the Amazon 5 star...real people showing what they've bought and sharing it on video is how people want to shop. With Mystri, anyone can do it quickly with the stuff they like and add a buy button to monetize their wit, showmanship, and (sometimes) good taste.
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Never posted on Product Hunt and am worried about coming across as some employee plugging their product, but I just felt like i needed to support this app because it's that awesome. Been using Mystri since it launched- started off just flipping through trending reviews, progressed into creating a few videos of my own, and recently purchased my first product (new speaker for the boat). I'm watching about 30 videos a day and discovering some really great products and getting a few laughs at the same time (download it and you'll see what I mean). I really enjoy the intimacy that a video review from actual users brings to the whole process. I'm convinced it's only a matter of when, not if, this gets big!
Thanks @ryan_penneys! We need a video review of that speaker out on your boat - proof that that the sound quality is fine over the wind!
Thanks Kevin and Ben! Hey Product Hunt - I'm Jonathan, one of the founders of Mystri. As Kevin explained, Mystri is a video-based shopping app that lets you discover, buy, and review products on your phone. Mystri was designed to be equal parts entertaining and insightful. It's not just easy to discover and buy things on Mystri, the structure of the video content also makes it easy to learn and conduct research. You can swipe through multiple video reviews of the same product to get a different user's take, skip to particular segments of a video review that address a concern (e.g,. "durability" or "batter life"), and see a rating from each reviewer overlaid on the video. We believe there's simply no better way to shop. We'll be around all day in case anyone has questions, please check it out and let us know what you think!
@jonathan_wald buy off which platforms? or do we get a cut of the amazon affiliate fee's ?
@jonathan_wald reason I'm asking is my gf is a dress designer and she is looking for a platform to use to sell to international markets ( we are based in China and her factories are based here )
Hey @tony_anastasi! Users buy products within the Mystri app - it's as simple as swiping over, tapping buy, and waiting for a Mystri Box to arrive at your door. The orders are fulfilled from our own inventory and that of drop shipping partners (i.e., designers/retailers like your girlfriend). We're not completely close-minded about incorporating Amazon affiliate links at some point, but there are also a lot of things we don't like about that approach - most importantly, we don't think users should have to stop watching videos when they see something they like, and we think most third party checkout processes are way too arduous on mobile. Less importantly, it's not obvious to us that an affiliate-based revenue model is best for Mystri or its retailers. Affiliate conversions often break on mobile (and on desktop...), only certain categories of products are eligible, and the affiliate's cut for lower margin categories is often very small. We'd love to have your girlfriend's dresses available on Mystri and can work with you to figure out fulfillment - all she'll need is some video reviews! Shoot me an email:
@jonathan_wald @mystri excellent - i was hoping it wasn't a amazon aff cut !.. will be in touch !
Agree with you @ilikevests !! A few other interesting apps in this space are 8tv and YEAY Will be interesting to see how this space evolves!
My favorite thing about this app is its approach to video and the power it gives to both reviewers and shoppers. Rather than skipping around on YouTube videos to identify relevant information, this app allows users to format reviews in to easily accessed segments. When watching reviews on the app I can easily see what aspects of the product will be discussed and can jump to whatever information I want to see first. There's also a lot of fun that can be had with this segment format when watched as a continuous video (I've experimented with a few). Add in the ability to shop directly through the app, the clean interface, and some pretty hilarious reviews and I'm looking at one of my favorite new apps on my phone.