Mystic Mondays

The magic of tarot in your pocket

Mystic Mondays App allows tarot to be accessible for anybody seeking personal growth and spirituality in the form of tarot. Currently, you can interact with the cards through a Card of the Day feature and the Tarot Library.
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2 Reviews5.0/5

Tarot is a fun way to get insight on your day — not something to take too seriously, but to simply cause yourself to pause and reflect.


- vibrant, colorful art - no need to use the physical card deck, but you can if you want - informative card descriptions


- Want to share a screenshot of art and description - Want a log of cards you've drawn

Totally in love with @graceduong's colorful and vibrant art. The app is minimal and straightforward to use — and each card description is well written and informative. Definitely check it out.
Hey Product Hunt! I'm Grace, the creator of Mystic Mondays! The app is a companion to the tarot deck that was originally funded on Kickstarter and is now published by Chronicle Books. Tarot often is stereotyped as dark and scary, but my own experience with tarot has been that it is much more of an intuition tool, a way to get to know yourself better, to tune inward instead of outward. The app is meant for beginners and tarot enthusiasts alike to have the ability to access tarot wherever they are! You can play with the card of the day feature for some daily guidance, or peruse the tarot library! The day of the card feature resets every 24 hours. Enjoy the app, any feedback is appreciated!

I do a daily tarot reading to see what things I should keep in mind during the day. Its a fun way to be a littlee more mindful about my day to day experiences


Easier way to get tarot cards meanings and interpretations


Is there a wayt to look back at readings?