Mystery Box Live

A live guessing game w/ (bigger than you can dream) prizes.

Mystery Box Live is a wedding-themed guessing game happening daily May 14-20 at 5PM PT/8PM ET. Every day we'll show you a box, and the first person to guess what's inside will win a rad wedding prize you could only dream of. Yes, you have unlimited guesses. We'll also be rewarding our favorite responses with surprises along the way!

So this is HQ for weddings? 🤔
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It's unclear to me how people participate, @ryangushue @mattgierl. The site only provides a phone number to text.
@mattgierl @rrhoover Hey Ryan, thanks for the q. We require SMS for signup (your account is tied to your phone number). Once your account is created, go to on your mobile device to play. The daily game will start at 8PM EST tonight, and run through Sunday 5/20 (with prizes each night)!
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This seems extremely dangerous / spammy
Hey Ryan, did you make this in house or use a vendor? We've been looking to do something like this for months!