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It's an interesting idea man, however, all the workspaces on your website look like crap in my opinion. It doesn't entice me to go figure out what gadgets you bought and make me want to go get the same thing. And pretty sure not everyone's workspace is going to look nice. Shouldn't this website act as a place for inspiration?
@looksawesome Good point, i agree with you, but with the like system I think that the best ones will always go on top. Actually i'm looking for people who have great setups and I'm sure that some guys here at PH have some.
I have sort of a general question because I'm not very informed on the subject: The logo for this product is clearly just a slightly modified Dropbox logo. How is this not trademark infringement? I'm honestly curious.
@flightmed1 it's in our checklist, we know it's a bit borderline to keep it like this. I don't know how far trademarks are protected but we don't want any troubles.
Is there a space for declaring the system specs and some benchmarks? I think people (gamers) will like to share both outside and inside. Also liking for just a part of it like mouse, keyboard, etc... not only the whole system? Am I asking too much :)
@hnvcam Good ideas, i'll take a look at this :) For now you can add any additional infos in the description section of the setup.
I have no idea how this was featured, to be honest. The idea is decent, but the website looks terrible. All this is is an attempt to get Amazon affiliate referrals.
@erickbarron86 Sorry if you don't like it, any recommendations to improve ? As i answered later, affiliation is here to support upkeep costs, this is not a purpose.
Thanks for sharing ! Watching livestreams from well known e-sports players, we discovered that many viewers were asking the streamer about his computer’s hardware. At the same time, loads of Youtubers were publishing their “MY SETUP” video where they describe their devices, desks… From this observation, we decided to create mySetup.co, a website to share your setup.
@mikescops Definitely tapping into a popular trend - /r/workspaces and /r/battlestations are hugely popular on Reddit, and as you've noted in your other comment there are a ton of videos on Youtube (even whole channels) dedicated to showing off setups. Personally, I'd stack the deck - go find the most upvoted/viewed setups of all time on other platforms, and make sure they feature prominently on your site. Definitely finding it's a bit affiliate-link heavy. Might want to consider a better way to present the "buy the things in this setup" list Otherwise, great way to capitalise on a trend.
@rossdcurrie Thank you Ross for your tips, really motivating comment. Lot of things to improve for the next weeks !