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MySavings.Fund is a humble attempt at making something I needed (with the hope that there are lots more like me who need something like this too).

So I'm a 25 year old just starting out my adult life and saving money is very important. But the real question is, where do I manage all of this? Piece of paper? Excel?

No .... MySavings.Fund is where!

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Adam Stallone
Avail Polar
  • Pros: 

    - Simplicity

    - Wonderful UI (Love the minimalist color combinations)

    - Actually useful


    - Reminds me of my pathetic state of savings

    I think people should give this a try. If it does help in the long term, I think this has a lot of potential.

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Rajat Vaghani
Rajat VaghaniMaker@rajat_vaghani · Hardcore Developer
Hey guys, really looking forward to your feedback! Hope you give this a try 🕺
Johnathan Salinski
Johnathan Salinski@johnathan_salinski · Nomad | Developer
I think this is a really sweeeeet idea! Going to give this a try, hopefully it doesn't disappoint! 👌
Yassine ElMokni
Yassine ElMokni@yassine_elmokni
The video presentation in the website stay playing even after closing the modal !
Rajat Vaghani
Rajat VaghaniMaker@rajat_vaghani · Hardcore Developer
@yassine_elmokni I am so sorry. That would have been so irritating to face. It's been fixed now 🍻
Nice! Can you also take a stab at the competitors ? Thriv, Digit, Acorns to name a few
Rajat Vaghani
Rajat VaghaniMaker@rajat_vaghani · Hardcore Developer
@abhishek_pm Thanks for that! Will definitely have a look 👍
Lachlan Kirkwood
Lachlan Kirkwood@lachlankirkwood · Digital Marketing Specialist
Great concept, looking forward to giving this a try 👍 Found some of the animations on the site to impact the UX.
Rajat Vaghani
Rajat VaghaniMaker@rajat_vaghani · Hardcore Developer
@lachlankirkwood thank you so much for the kind words. I'd really love to hear what you have to say about it once you try it out. Also, do let me know which animations you felt were culprits to your bad experience. You can reach me out wherever you find most comfortable, Twitter (@Rajat_Vaghani) or email ( 😄