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#3 Product of the DayJune 25, 2017
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This is super cool. Is it available for iOS?
@discoversugr I am sorry that iOS is not ready yet. But, we are working on it, so wait a moment. When it's done I will let you know directly. Thx, Ruben ! ^^
Cool idea, definitely solving a real problem. Get the iPhone version up soon. 😄
@kbclauson Hey ~ Kaben. Thx for your compliment and yep, we're working on iOS version, so we will get you one soon, hopefully. And any feed back, no matter whether it is good or not, will be welcome.
I like the idea but can't download it to try it in Europe. Why put geographic restrictions ?
@raphchabaud sorry about that. For now, it supports only English. We will expand to all the possible languages this week. I will let you know through FB. I've just added you to my friend list.
@woojun_shin English is fine, most europeans speaks English but they can't download it with geographic restrictions you put in the Play Store
@raphchabaud Now, it's available in 142 countries + Rest of the world and you can download it. Plz, invite at least one of your close friends and install together, then your network map will be visualized. We are working on some devices for visualizing the network map by itself . Thx a lot.
I was very interested in Myriels but bailed before even getting it setup because the onboarding was terrible and made me concerned for the security of my data.
@airjoshb Hello ~ Joshua. I am sorry you feel bad about this app. It would be very helpful to us if you could be more specific about what aspect of the onboarding made you feel terrible and concerned. If we can get a clue from you, we will fix the problem. Help us, Joshua. Thx.
We want iOS too!
@dynamicstutor Hello ~ Farayi ! Yes, I want it so bad too and I will get you one soon, so wait a moment, plz. ^^