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MypoolinHunter@mypoolin · Mypoolin team
Hello from our whole team in India! Super happy to be here on Product Hunt. The story goes back to when the founders Rohit and Ankit met each other at an event at Harvard. Both clicked instantly with each other as they discussed and compared the incline and outlook of Harvard students towards startups with peers back home at IIT Delhi and Delhi College of Engineering. One of the things that both agreed upon during the course of interactions was that entrepreneurs need to build solutions for problems that they face themselves and the ones that they can deeply understand as well. One of the problems that was encountered quite often in college (and even later) was settling money among friends. There was no easy way of settling money and all the good experiences often ended with uncomfortable “You owe me” situations. Maintaining large spreadsheets, dropping constant reminders, carrying out bank transfers with painful account number, IFSC codes to standing in long queues outside ATMs to withdraw cash to pay a friend was highly painful. Hence was born the concept of Mypoolin in 2015 in the form of India's first social payments network. We recently integrated UPI (Unified payments interface) for instant & free bank to bank transfers over the 24x7 IMPS network in India. Currently, we support only Indian bank account holders (for payments), however, we will be going international soon! Mypoolin takes care of all your planning and payment hassles with - ⦿ Split & Settle Settle bill with UPI (Unified payments interface) in two taps and sit back as we remind your friends to pay their share! The reminders are sent automatically so that you are saved from uncomfortable “You Owe Me” reminders. ⦿ Plan & Pay Whether it is for movies, events, gifting, food & dining, travel, party or anything, share a plan with friends and chat with them to discuss who is in, who is out, what to gift, where to travel etc The icing on the cake is that you can also track what your friends are paying each other for (of course, it is optional for them to share) just like the Venmo feed in US! We are having a lot of fun building this and we hope you'll enjoy trying it out. Cheers