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@benln צה''ל לא מעסיק אותך מספיק שיש לך זמן לעשות לנו פוסטים כאן :-)
Founder of MyPermissions. Happy to be here, if you have any questions or feedback, I'm here to hear you :)
@davidhabusha In the Gmail tab I've tried to trust multiple services several times but it seems my settings aren't saved? The page refreshes and the same amount of "open" services appears.
@bramk what browser are you on? Do you have a cookie blocker? try to use the "Log In" option on the top, it should do the job.
@davidhabusha I'm logged-in, on Chrome, no cookie blocker but still the same thing :( for example: I trust all 5 apps that acces my foursquare account. Page refreshes and still the count is 5
@bramk taking it offline with you. Will get it to a resolution.
This is really handy. I tried it but it works for first 2-3 items and then if freezes.
@robinraszka can you give some more information as to what happened?
@davidhabusha Here's a screencast (Yosemite Beta 2 might be the issue).
@robinraszka We're looking into this. We'll be releasing an update within the next couple of days.
This is also awesome -