Ridiculously expensive video calls-on-demand

#3 Product of the DayNovember 19, 2019
Tired of cold InMails? Try hot videocalls on-demand. Money attached to a call is a solution: either an incentive or a gatekeeper for the attention of hard-to-reach persona of your interest. 1-800-f**k-cold-emails
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Whom do you have on the platform for a call?
@darya_migel Some of our early adopters include Richard Greene (Public Speaking Coach), Aaron Lovejoy (Google Global Creative Director), Anna-Lisa Himma (Creative Director), Jon Asher (RIAA Platinum Selling Songwriter), Kevin Surace (Silicon Valley innovator and Serial Entrepreneur). Also, various models, influencers, investors, actors, musicians can be reached via our app.
@darya_migel Also, we're about Videocalls-on-Demand, so If you don't find whom you're looking for, please feel free to leave us your custom request in the app or on the website
@darya_migel @elizaveta_uvarova Anyone more fun or entertaining?
@darya_migel @kensavage Fun and entertaining is relative. Let me ask you who’s your favorite stand up comedian? :)
When I was first told about this app, I was interested. I know someone will crack the mentorship on-demand space at some point, and I want to see it happen. I think mentorship and gaining access and insights to smart people is incredibly valuable. My Name Is promises no-BS video chatting with awesome people from tech influencers to celebrities and authors by paying for the time. It seems somewhere in between what Whale app was and what Cameo is today. I'm excited to see where it goes.
Hi everyone, Elizaveta Uvarova, founder of mynameis here. Imagine a world where you call anyone and they answer. mynameis is like an address book of every human being living on this planet, but the trick is: instead of a phone number you have a price per minute. A minute with the right person at the right time. Cold e-mails, messages and DMs are useless... I know it and you know it as well. That’s why I created mynameis, a platform that allows people to purchase each other’s attention and make the most of it via a videocall. You can be an investor, artist, entrepreneur, actor, tech consultant or growth hacker trust me… if your time is worth something, someone is willing to pay for it. So, let’s make the privilege of attention more accessible. Go on! Leave us your request. So, who you gonna call? 🎉🎉🎉 We created a $50 discount for the PH community. Check out the landing page 🎉🎉🎉
@elizaveta_uvarova i think i will make a post on my blog. It's a super cool idea, thank
@elizaveta_uvarova i would call a politic to help my friend in Syria under bombing, but he should do it for free as it should be his work
Who sets the price?
@polina_chunosova Each Persona is free to set their price per minute. The price can be modified at any given moment.
@polina_chunosova @elizaveta_uvarova any given moment could be mid-call? That could lead to scam people
@knzio not sure we understand. What do you mean?
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@knzio Ah, it's clear now, not during the call for sure. After a time slot has been accepted - the is no changing the price.
Interesting product. Seems well executed although perhaps TMI on the homepage (A lot of scrolling). What is your differentiator from Clarity FM?
@colinwinhall Good question, thanks. While it can be used as a consultancy tool, mynameis is not about consultancy, it’s about getting introduced to the right people. People you’ve been trying to reach for ages unsuccessfully via cold emails or DMs.
@colinwinhall Also, the biggest difference from Clarity FM is the context. We live in the era of visual content. Internet users are thirsty for attention, they love video masterclasses, AR masks and filters. People would do anything to stand out and to attract attention. With and you have no idea who’s behind the screen you don’t see who you’re talking to and in the modern culture, the visual factor is everything. We are creating a new economy. Attention is our currency.
@colinwinhall @elizaveta_uvarova yes, but I must say that I don't like my face in video and i'm not the only one. I could help much more with voice and be helped by voice or text ecc
@colinwinhall @elizaveta_uvarova @talentosprecato The thing is, face to face is much more personal than face to avatar-with-a-voice. Personal connection is a HUGE factor when it comes to making an impression with somebody who has limited attention. There's a lot of non-verbal communication that happens when talking with somebody, and having a blank face means that you have a much slimmer chance of actually getting what you wanted out of a call.