An expert way to manage all your email accounts in one app.

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myMail was created to keep all the mail from any email provider you already use like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo in one clean and friendly interface whether its your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android Wear. The app also supports any IMAP and POP3-enabled mailbox. myMail has a lot of really great features like push notifications that you can get even if your email service does not support them, quick gestures for moving to folders or deleting, a clean user interface, nice avatars and icons that help you to navigate through the message list faster. Bring all your email from any email provider into one simple, clean and friendly interface!
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Using myMail since its appearance as a secondary (I would be honest) mail app besides Gmail. Now I've moved from Gmail to Inbox and myMail is really better in many ways. So if you're annoyed by anything in Gmail/Inbox, then I recommend myMail as the only competitor.
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Loads of up-votes, instantly, from a bunch of Twitter accounts with the default avatar? Am I the only one who things this seems a bit off?
I've been using myMail about an year now, and at first I kept Apple's Inbox and Gmail as well... but now they are somewhere in the depth of last screen and myMail reminds me of time when The Bat and then Thunderbird suddenly changed the rules. Btw, myMail team, can I change background mountains to something else? )