The simplest way for men to dress well (Pre-launch)

#4 Product of the DayJune 18, 2015
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Hi ProductHunt! I’ve owned over 1000 pieces of clothing, founded+sold a menswear start-up, and spent over a decade in the industry. If there’s anyone fit to lay the foundation for a solid wardrobe, it’s me — but I still have difficulty finding high quality basics when I shop. I wanted to solve this problem for myself, and for you guys. Mylo helps you build a carefully selected wardrobe of staple pieces and then shows you how to put them together for any occasion. I hope you like it! You'll notice there is a line when you sign-up, but we are skipping all Product Hunters to the front, so please ignore it. You'll all be getting early access as soon as we're ready with the beta (coming soon)! Please let us know if you think anything can be improved for the official launch. Thanks, Daniel
@mylo_daniel Daniel, this is mind blowing. It's an oh-how-I-wish-I-made-this app. Already sent it to my man and spreading the word amongst all other fashion motivated yet slightly clueless dudes I know. Thank you!
Did men get the Clueless dream closet before women? Make one for females please! Love the design, usability & looks. Seriously, pls make one for women!
@lotusleafstyle Women are coming soon :)
Hi! In short, when we started this project, we wanted to create an effortless shopping experience that we would use ourselves. Above all, we wanted to ensure that finding everyday staples like a quality grey crew neck and a pair of classic denim wasn't a chore. Mylo is a simple, one-touch staples shop that features 20 everyday classics. And if you're so inclined, Mylo will provide outfit recommendations on the spot. We hope you like what you see, and can't wait to hear what you think... - Shaun
Agree with @lotusleafstyle would love to see a women's version as well!