Compare cashback & airline miles rewards as you shop online

With Myles you can compare earning rates across affiliate marketing programs.

Programs supported currently:

USA - American, Delta, United, Southwest, JetBlue ( and Ebates.

India - Jet Airways.

Myles is an aggregator of these affiliate marketing program, targeting to increase customer loyalty.

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Hi, I am Harsh Gosar, a student at the University of Texas at Dallas. I am a serial hackathon participant and love building new products. In fact, Myles was born as a hackathon project as well. I love solving problems I see in my day to day life using technology. I really started getting into the world of maximizing online purchases this past year. When I found about programs such as EBates and affiliate marketing portals offered by airlines, I was hooked. The way to access these links was so difficult, so I made Myles to make accessing and comparing rewards programs easier. What does it do? Did you know if you were to buy a $2000 Macbook on, instead of directly buying it, you activate the affiliate marketing link, you will earn up to 6,000 airline miles in the process, or up to $60 cashback. You can fly Dallas to Chicago 3 times with this on certain days with Southwest with 6,000 miles. You can even shop with your debit card. If you have a rewards credit card, that's even more miles/cashback! This works on Amazon,,, and 2,500 more websites. All this cashback and free miles has been out there but made very hard to access. I hope I am able to share the love for rewards and airline miles through this project. I hope you too are able to travel to your dream destination with the free miles/cashback earned with Myles.
One more thing I want to add, this is a global product. There are airline, hotels and cashback programs everywhere in the world. Programs currently supported by Miles: USA - American, Delta, United, Southwest, and Ebates. India - Jet Airways. So yes this works in India as well, including sites such as and Flipkart!!
Love the idea behind the concept - however, execution is a bit off. Went to the website link, and was taken to a WIX site; it's hard to imagine a solid chrome extension when the website is on a free website builder. Even more important when it involves things like the security behind financial transactions, which this product is involved in. My feedback for you guys would be to start out by finding a solid paid WordPress theme (themeforest has some great ones) and show screenshots of the extension on it. Buy a domain for the site, and get it all set up. At the very least, upgrade to the paid WIX, so that we don't see their branding and you can have your own domain :) Work out the kinks though, and I can definitely see myself using this! Happy to provide any other input you guys might find useful.
@chedglen I am currently devoting all my time to the extension, so for the mobile users made a simple landing page with Wix. For desktop users, you can directly click on the link for the chrome extension. This said I am planning to take out some time soon and set up a good landing page with information about what it is and explaining how it works, etc. Thank you for the great feedback!
Cool bro !! @harsh_gosar will check it out !! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Hey! This is amazing and we at Aidem ( would love to share it with the world!
@15greenberg Let me know how we can get in touch