Automated refunds on late FedEx and UPS packages

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Hey guys this is Ed Budnick one of the Co-Founder's with MyKickback. I'm here if you have any questions.
@evbudnick I'd love the story behind your profile photo.
@noinput I just changed my profile pic to our logo >_< but it was Halloween party this past October. I'm the one wearing the wizard outfit. My other friend Ed decided to shave his head mid-party.
Perfect timing. There's a growing trend of "I'll save you time and fight the man" products emerging. A few that come to mind: Fixed fights parking tickets on your behalf. AirHelp helps you get comped for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights. cc'ing @KatManalac (I know you've been watching this space)
This is fascinating to me - I had no idea refunds even existed for late deliveries.
@avoision If it's late by 60 seconds or more you get a refund.
Is this real life? Signing up now
@arush Yes! Give it a go
Very nice, but paying 50% to get the refunds is quite a lot. I've built my own check for FedEx in a couple of hours last year, that automatically emails a list with late deliveries to FedEx every week.