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Myki for teams is an offline password manager & authenticator for your team.

Hackers shouldn't be able to compromise a publicly accessible server and as a result gain access to users credentials. Myki for Teams keep your data completely off the cloud, away from prying eyes. Myki for Teams is a decentralized solution for a universal problem.

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  • Pros: 

    Love the fact that my teams passwords are not in the cloud and the feature set is super cool. +The interface


    On iPhone the app has to be open when you are using the portal. Doesn't seem the case on Android

    Hands down the best password manager for teams and there's still a lot of things that can be improved but for a product that launched today it is fantastic

    Marylynn P. Antaki has used this product for one day.
  • Nader J AboulhosonDigital Marketing Consultant

    Simple, Straight to the point and offline



    This really if offline, nothing is managed through the cloud. I may not really understand the tech behind it but I love it!

    Nader J Aboulhoson has used this product for one month.


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Raja RahbaniMaker@rajarahbani · Lead Engineer at @mykitweets
Thank you @roybrey for hunting us! It's great to be back here after launching the Myki Password Manager and Authenticator 3 months ago for iOS and Android! We are so excited to announce the release of Myki for Teams! Myki for Teams brings the next generation of Access Management to any small, medium or large enterprise. In our opinion, cloud storage of passwords, keys and certificates is convenient but constitutes a big security issue. Hackers shouldn't be able to compromise a publicly accessible server and as a result gain access to users credentials. This is why with Myki for Teams, you keep your data completely off the cloud, away from prying eyes. Myki for Teams is a decentralized solution for a universal problem. Through giving you full visibility and control over your team's access management, you ensure that your team has access to what they need, where they need it and when they need it without compromising the security of your data. Decentralize your Access Management, but centralize the control over it with the Myki Portal. The Myki Portal works through the mobile app pushing or pulling credentials to and from your team members and setting access control rules to them. When any team member needs to login to an account, they receive a push notification to their smartphone. They can grant access from your mobile lock screen by using a fingerprint, faceId, or pin code. Their credentials are then pushed to their browser through an end-to-end encrypted connection. Myki for Teams is not restricted to only Logins, you can also push Payment Information, 2FA secrets, and even Official Documents such as Government IDs or Visas. Live Map Through the Myki Portal, you can monitor your team's access logs in real-time. Easily identify malicious activity and fraudulent events. You can even enable geolocation logging for critical accounts to know exactly where these accounts were accessed from. Groups Different departments have different needs. Mirror your Team's organizational structure by grouping team members together and personalizing each group's access control. Vaults Manage your team's credentials with more ease by grouping several credentials into a vault. Give any team member or group access to this vault with just a click of a button. Rules Are your team members constantly on the move? Or do you simply want to make sure that your company's data is not accessed when it is not needed? Set Location-Based, Time-Based, or IP-Based rules on any account, team member, vault or group. Onboarding and Offboarding Do you have a volatile team? Constantly taking in part-timers or contractors? We made sure that adding or removing any member to your team is a click of button away! With the Myki Portal, access is instantly granted or revoked. Stay secure and Onboard your team today from For more information about Myki and Myki For Teams visit: You can get the app on iOS and Android from
Markus Riegel@marcorei · Code and Design
Cool! I like that you're syncing encrypted passwords between devices instead of storing them in the cloud. What's your pricing model?
Raja RahbaniMaker@rajarahbani · Lead Engineer at @mykitweets
Hey @marcorei, Myki for Teams is free for the first 5 users, any additional users is 5$/user/month. For larger teams (100+), please contact us at
Karim Abou SleimanMaker@kabousleiman · Quality Assurance Engineer | Myki
Hunters! Myki For Teams was announced yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin! For the occasion sign up to Myki For Teams using this promo code: MYKITC17 to get 10 free users for life!! You can also watch the announcement here :
Happy Hunting!
Harrison Malone@harrisonmalone_ · Student @ Le Wagon
If you live in Melbourne 🇦🇺 the name will be misconstrued haha but seems like a great product otherwise!
Antoine Vincent JebaraMaker@antoinejebara · Co-Founder & CEO | Myki (
@harrisonmalone_ True Haha. Thank you!
Roy BreidiHunterHiring@roybrey · Co-founder at Shakepay
We love Myki's authenticator and we've been already using it in a team context for almost a year now. Myki for Teams just makes it incredibly easier and more manageable to share passwords and credentials with groups within the company. The 2 killer features in my opinion: - All data is local, nothing lives on the cloud. - You can share passwords along with their 2FA Keep it up!
Antoine Vincent JebaraMaker@antoinejebara · Co-Founder & CEO | Myki (
@roybrey thank you Roy for hunting us and for the amazing feedback!