MyiList is a better wishlist for iTunes movies and TV shows.

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Hey everyone! I'm really excited to share with you, MyiList! A project created by myself to help people find awesome deals on iTunes for movies and tv shows. On the homepage you'll see the best deals of the day. From there you can build your own wishlist so when movies you want to own drop in price you'll get notified. A year in the making, the goals from the start were simple: - A wishlist should be smart, you should get notifications when items on your wishlist drop in price. - A wishlist should be easy to build and adding items to your wishlist should be friction-less. - And a wishlist should be social, you should be able to share your wishlist with friends. Oh, and it's free! That definitely includes being free from ads and tracking. The goal is to sustain this website using just affiliate links to iTunes. So if you like the service, please let others know. I'll be checking here all day and would really appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions. :-)
All iTunes users should use this website! Anyone purchasing movies and TV shows through iTunes would be silly to not use your site to find the best price deals! Personally, I'd anticipate using the site mostly to find cheap movies for myself. However, I can see the benefit of being able to share lists of the movies we own, so, for example, we can decide want we want to watch before actually meeting up and showing each other our purchases in the iTunes/Movies apps. It surprises me how obvious and simple this is, yet how it hasn't been addressed (...until now). The home page is a bit overwhelming at first, with so many figures for each movie, but once you're familiar with it, it's easy to follow. I think this site is a great idea - it's such an easy way to find the best deals, and an interesting and effective new social platform for movie/show interests. Well done :)
@kneemichael Haha thanks!! πŸ˜„ The front page is definitely receiving some fair criticism... It is a lot of information up front that's for sure. During development I tried to measure it up against Reddit in terms of how well it does showing a lot of info... guess I may have been setting the bar too low considering Reddit's design is 10yrs old 😁
The idea its self is nice,but i would give the interface a second look! πŸ˜‰
@tnsrig Darn haha I was going for the minimalistic white look - guess I'm more developer than designer πŸ˜‰