A beautiful chrome extension to track your habits.

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MyHabits is a Chrome extension to track and develop new habits.

Why a Chrome extension?

- Accountability. Not hiding from your progress/failure. It'll be there on every tab.

- Effortless tracking, no need to open an app. Just click while you browse the web.

- A weekly and monthly chart will help you stay motivated.

  • Ashwin
    AshwinWeb/Software developer

    Clean interface and linking it already.


    - Pricing

    - New tab app

    Everything is nice except pricing... $15 a year and its not communicated upfront until you add 3 items to track

    Ashwin has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Simple, love the dark mode, beautiful designed


    Not a con, but would love to see other habits and tracking a habit I do multiple times a day

    Awesome work! Thank you so much :)

    Borahm Cho has used this product for one day.
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Ricardo Macario
Ricardo MacarioMaker@ricardomacario · Software Engineer, @Shopify
Hi PH, 💬 The Story I was astonished when I discovered how simple habits compound over time: - Reading 10 pages a day = 12 books per year - Avoiding daily soda = 54k calories skipped per year The problem is that I've always had trouble sticking with new habits. During the first days I'm able to do them, but after a while I lose momentum. 🛠 Solution I decided to build a chrome extension to track my progress and keep me on track. Why a chrome extension? - Seeing your progress every time you open a new tab keeps you accountable. There’s no hiding from your progress/failure. - Effortless: There’s literally no effort to track your habits. If you’re already browsing the web, just checkin on the habits you have done today. 🎥 Building in public Part of the goal of building the product was to show Latin Americans how to build and ship. I've been posting the series on YouTube (it's in Spanish): We're on the marketing phase now, and this is going to be part of the series. Say Hola! 💎Pricing Track up to three habits for free. If you want to track unlimited habits it's 1.25$ a month. This will help me keep the project alive, add more features and buy a coffee. Use this discount code to save 5$: PRODUCTHUNT 🎁 Results So far I’ve made a ton of progress on my meditation, reading and working out habits. I hope this time it sticks. Let me know what you think!
David Flatow
David Flatow@flatowpotato · @Stanford Statistics Data Science
Very cool, would love to try it out. Roadmap for any social component? i.e. Allowing your friends to motivate you to keep up with habits and vice versa?
Ricardo Macario
Ricardo MacarioMaker@ricardomacario · Software Engineer, @Shopify
@flatowpotato Hey David! Thanks for the comment! Definitely on the pipeline! Ability to share the dashboard with your friends so they can keep you accountable. I think this is a key component to stick to new habits, adding some social proof.
Oleksandr Senyuk
Oleksandr Senyuk@oleksandr_senyuk · Co-founder, KeyReel
@flatowpotato @ricardomacario That will definitely add a lot to the experience!
Gene Maryushchenko
Gene Maryushchenko@wwgene · Bringing transparency to blockchains.
I really like the idea of this and want to install this BUT, it wants to replace my new tab? I can't / won't let that happen. If you can make that an option, I would use this right now. EDIT: Just realized the app is advertised as a monthly fee but wants a yearly payment when you upgrade. This is misleading and not cool. Would not use.
Ricardo Macario
Ricardo MacarioMaker@ricardomacario · Software Engineer, @Shopify
@wwgene Thank you for the feedback Gene! I'm working on adding a setting to make the tab replacement optional! I'll post back when it's live. UPDATE: Now it's optional to replace every new tab.
Thibaud@tgerin · Onepark
@wwgene This. The "new tab" extension is a hard spot to take, we really need something to handle multiple NT extensions.
Ricardo Macario
Ricardo MacarioMaker@ricardomacario · Software Engineer, @Shopify
Hi @wwgene! I just added a section to the extension that makes having it as a new tab optional.
Karl Taylor
Karl TaylorHiring@karltaylor_ · Making waves for people to web surf
I agree with @wwgene, whilst I do love trying out a new product to track my habits, I don't want to dedicate a new tab to this. Would be nice to see how this differs from
Sean Tiffonnet ▲
Sean Tiffonnet ▲@seantiffonnet
Hi @ricardomacario Really cool product ! Can you export in any way all the data ? It's a really cool idea, but the point i guess at the end, is to compare your habits from a few month ago. Right now i'm not sure you can do that right ? For the pricing, i'm not chocked. But add it as well on the google extension page for less surprise
Ricardo Macario
Ricardo MacarioMaker@ricardomacario · Software Engineer, @Shopify
@seantiffonnet Hi Sean! Thank you so much for the feedback! There's no way to export right now. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible to ship. But that's an idea I've been thinking about and something that I'd definitely keep exploring. I want to be able to give you "reports" or "insights" on how you're doing. I'm still in exploration phase! As a short term solution I can definitely add the export as JSON or CSV. All add the pricing to the Chrome page as well!