Watch and shoot live video, backed by David Beckham

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Stewart Rogers
Stewart RogersHunter@therealsjr · Journalist/Analyst/Speaker - VentureBeat
"Instantly see the World through someone else’s eyes." This new live-streaming app, brought to you by none other than founding investor, David Beckham, along with platform founders Paul Kavanagh, Mark Betteridge, and Lee Musgrave, is a break from the norm. A fresh user interface makes it stand out from the crowd, and unique features offer something different to the existing leaders in the field. A raft of celebrities have helped to launch the product, which creates an instant appeal, and it is not linked to a single platform, so streams (which last 72 hours) can be shared across multiple social networks.
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
@therealsjr Good hunt! The world of "mobile live streaming" gets always more crowded and considering it all boomed with a funny "meerkat"
Michael Q Todd
Michael Q Todd@michaelqtodd · Founder
Works well and lasts 48 hours more than Periscope. Is being blocked by Twitter? I could find my FB friends but not Twitter connections
Kevin Mullett
Kevin Mullett@kmullett · Dir. of Visibility & SM, MarketSnare
I've been testing this for a while. There are some things I like about it, and some things that I don't. I left it installed on my iPad for now. As with all tools and networks, it just boils down to what works for your workflow and where you can get traction with the value you bring.
Rutger Teunissen
Rutger TeunissenHiring@rutgerteunissen · CEO, 24sessions
It looks a lot like Periscope, doesn't it? This app has an Android version though, so that's different. And from what I saw, this app has been promoted by celebrities (I can see Nick Grimshaw in one screenshot) so I will have to try it to see how it works. But it looks simple and still appealing so I hope I don't get disappointed. Nice hunt!