A smart contract that forces you to HODL

Tired of crypto hype? With MyEtherHODL you can safely keep your ETH and don’t worry about value and market price up to 3 years. It’s a formal smart contract without any fee. We made it as simple as possible. Check it out!

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Nice project for those who don't have balls


You may buy a lambo


You may end up with nothing

Interesting concept if you truly believe in it, but does run the risk of removing the "ownership/control" aspect of crypto that makes it appealing to some people. Perhaps being able to code in mandatory HODL reviews in certain timeframes (e.g. every 3 months on a yearly smartcontract) or certain financial targets would alleviate these concerns (imagine if you go for the full 3 year HODL, there's a Nov-Dec 2k17 style bull run about 2 years 8 months in, followed by a Jan-April 2k18 bear market before your funds are finally available to you). I'm a HODLer myself, but unless some degree of autonomy is allowed, this might not be as regret-proof as planned.
This isn't the freedom cryptocurrency promised us. If you're forced to bet against yourself—don't get into cryptocurrency.
Thanks for hunting - was this something you made for yourself? @maxklimchuk
@abadesi yes, it was.