lets you build wireframes simply for free.

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Looks good but not complete would love to use it to wireframe windows UI application. Some missing standard UI controls like application,tabs, tree view, menu, etc.
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@arm007 Thank you for your feedback. This is only a first version, I hope to improve it further the next weeks and months.
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Thanks for hunting! Did you build this because you couldn't find any wireframe sites you liked that were free? How did you approach the creative process? @sebastianstehle
@abadesi The main reason was learning, but I was also not satisfied with the free alternatives. As a developer I do not use wireframing software every day and I am not willing to pay 10€ per month or more just to use it for an hour.
Good job! I use for my work and to be frank there is nothing extra in your site that draws me to it. You will need to provide some kind of differentiator to attract people like me. Maybe you could charge a lot less, or focus on developers and not designers...or something that will set you apart.
@i_shank Totally agree. I also like moqups, but I only use it every second month for 2 hours or so and I am not willing to pay. But the main reason for me was to learn new stuff. So lets see where the journey goes to.
@sebastianstehle Moqups has one project free, and I think the market is big enough for additional players. One other option is to make it more collaborative or provide integrations with other apps.