Lonely Planet by locals : hidden gems, tips, adresses, blogs

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Hi guys, love the design of the app, especially the part where we can draw our search on a map with a finger to find all the activities around, user-friendly and sensory experience
Hey Nathalie :) I like this idea! I seems really unique but there are already many apps for travellers. What are the most differences or the key things that will make it successful?
Thanks @jay_jay_wilson As a user, I found two things really interesting : the first is the availability to decide which place will be your territory and to define yourself the borders. I like this idea of ownership by the locals that valorise our role. Inside, I was free to post about anything (even about a museum that I don't recommend for instance). It's very transparent and makes it relevant, like an insider advice from someone that wasn't paid by a restaurant to talk about it. The second thing is that you can contact the people and have a social interaction with them. I like the new economic models that are based on trust and generosity, what do you think?
@jay_jay_wilson Thanks for your feedback and to @ProductHunt to support us. The original idea of mydistriKt has always been about sharing. Sharing the world, beautiful places, secret addresses, scenic views, tips from locals to travelers, connecting with people who have a common interest. But we (the founders) would also like to share with our community. Our best users will become mydistriKt Reporters with an International Press card, allowing them to have previews about new places, behind the scenes of exhibitions, free access to museums, and events and complimentary activities thanks to partnerships that we have. We are really looking to build a trustful and collaborative mindset with mydistriKt and I guess that's what can make us special, do you agree? Ideas and feedback are more than welcome.
@frenchinmilwaukee @jay_jay_wilson What we like the most on mydistriKt: users who share their place to convince others to pick their city, their region, their country as their next destination! :)
Hi ProductHunt community, I discovered this app a month ago and wanted to share it with you. I am French living in Wisconsin since almost 2 years and felt in love with the Midwest and the US. I travel a lot in the country with my family and especially my children but I am kind of fed up by traditional guides that always give you the same places to visit and was looking about more relevant content. I'd rather trust a local advice about a secret panorama spotted while early jogging than the scenic view every guide is talking about right ? I also wanted to share my hidden gems, secret adresses, tips, ideas of activities with others but the classic "blogging" system doesn't allow you to interact with others. I looked on the App Store and that's how I found Mydistrikt app. What I like with this app is that it is very convenient, visual, easy to use (I use to work in cosmetics, I am crazy about beautiful designs and pictures, lol). I also love the fact that I could draw my own territory, like, I am not only a spotter for one or two random activities, I can really share my point of view about a place from an activity to a foot tour recommandation, while adding beautiful pictures in the meantime or tips to better travel. I feel like a reporter sometimes of my own blog :) Yesterday, I was even contacted by someone that wanted me to be his tour guide in the city, amazing ! If you want to have a look at my two distrikts, you're welcome : For Wisconsin: For Chicago/Illinois : I hope it will help you for your future travels ! Happy hunting
@frenchinmilwaukee Tks a lot! I really appreciate.