MyDietGenius is an AI dietitian that selects the best diet that perfectly fits you, according to your preferences, goals, BMI, and activity level.
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When it will be available for android?
@ijazimran Hey Imran, we've just released it. You can download the app here:
@ijazimran @aidosmdg Does MyDietGenius take into account budget? How can it account for foodwaste in single person households, comparing portions of local supermarkets? Have you considered linking up with grocery databases?
@ijazimran @joshua_vantard Hey, Joshua! Thanks for your questions! Currently, there are no budgeting and food-waster control functions. But we will consider adding them in the next updates, as these would be very useful features. And considering grocery database, we are currently developing a weekly grocery list based on your personal meal plan. Also, we plan to add delivery based on grocery in the future.
Hello Product Hunt, I'm Aidos, co-founder of MyDietGenius, and thanks to @kevin for hunting us! Today I'd like to tell you about our brand new AI-based dietitian iOS app. Here are the main features: - Choose a diet that fits you best – our algorithm will analyze your goals, food preferences or intolerances, and lifestyle to offer one or several relevant diet programs endorsed by dietitians and their associations. - Ultimate personalization for better efficiency – the app personalizes the selected diet to provide a personal meal plan based on a vast database of ingredients and recipes. - The AI-based diet changes to reflect developments in your life – MyDietGenius continuously adjusts meal plans according to changes in preference and weight loss/gain dynamic. Looking forward to hearing your feedback, and if you're interested in checking out the tool — please sign up at or install the app via App Store.
@kevin @aidosmdg please make the app available in other regions, currently not available for download on the Norwegian App Store.
Hi, Joachim! Thanks for your request, we’ve added Norwegian region, it should be available soon.
I'm confused on signing up process. I just downloaded this application on my iPhone and it's asking for login and password. Is it a registration or what? Right after I fill in login and password it says that information is not correct. What am I doing wrong?
@andrew_zeivald Hi, Andrew! You can sign in with Apple or you can create an account, the button is highlighted in red.
It shows up as incompatible with my S8+ in Romania
@visualpathnet Hey Vlad, we are on it right now. Once we figure that out I’ll msg you
@visualpathnet , we’ve opened this region, the app should be available to you shortly
@aidosmdg Hey. I'm giving it a try right now. Will come back with a review after i'll use it a bit. Starting my diet on Monday, so this came at the right moment :)
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@visualpathnet great! Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
This looks so neat, excited to test this out!
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@eman_zabi Thanks! If you have any questions, feel free to ping me at any time!
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