Claim your Cryptocurrency address on the web

You'll get a shareable link that you can send to your friends and followers to get paid in crypto.

It's perfect for receiving donations in crypto!

And it's free to create a profile!

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Love this idea! Claimed mine.
Love this project ! Username claimed and will be telling everyone I know about this :)) ! #GreatWork !
@flipthistweet Hey, glad you like it!
Love the idea and have seen similar concpets before. Why not use open alias? Much more scalable and open? This increases pubkey resue which decreases security.
@urstrulymishra Hi Naven! I understand you concerns, we are looking into ways to make it more verifiably secure. We'll have a look at Open Alias!
@urstrulymishra yup, we built this awhile ago. Nice job though. :)
@sethlouey Saw your post as well. This seems like a usability improvement and there are multiple efforts to solve for this. Makes me think there is a massive scale idea here
Hi ProductHunters! Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! One of the makers of MyCA here. The core idea is to allow users to get a crypto profile where they can list all their addresses. The problem is that most blogposts in the crypto space end with: “I you’d like to donate: BTC: akjdlawjdlildwajdalwkjalkajdwljadwladwijdawlidawij ETH: 0xlasdjwalidjdalijdawlijwaladwjldiawjadwliaw LTC: ajdkjwkaldjdwaliwawadadlkjwlkd …” This is very inconvenient. With MyCA you get a profile like this: and you can add all the coins you want and get a shortlink to add to your blog or send to your friends. No more fugly long strings! Also, it's Free to sign up and claim a profile 😃