An app that brings Congressional data to your fingertips.

Congress has a total of 535 members. It's difficult to stay up to date on your representatives as well as the bills they introduce and vote on. This app aims to make that information readily available to ensure your representatives are held accountable!
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This is really interesting, not too dissimilar to They Work For You here in the UK. Helps anyone keeps tabs on their elected representatives, so I'm pleased to see this happening in the USA too! Is this an independent product or is it funded by Congress?
@stevenjmesser it is an independent product, not funded by Congress.
@stevenjmesser Thanks for the heads up on They Work For You! Looks like a fabulous product, with exactly the type of mission that prompted us to create MyCongress.
We collectively wanted to see if there was a way to provide better access to congressional data on bills, member votes, member activity, and more for the United States Congress! Our core beginning feature set includes: Search: Users can view search results for representatives by state, or by name Missed Votes Leaderboard: Users can see which representatives have missed the most amount of votes in the congress (to hold them accountable!) Recent Bills: Users can view the latest bills that are currently being introduced and considered on the Congress floor! Committees: Users can view all of the committees that exist in Congress as well as see who is the Chairman of each. Compare Members: Users can compare two different members of Congress with a side by side view. Follow Members: Users can follow different members of Congress for easy access on their dashboard. To learn more, feel free to ask us questions -- we are: @danieiors - Project Manager @ali_lahrime - Product Manager @secilreel - Design Lead @owencc - Testing Lead @pkossari - Marketing Lead