Run your favourite programming languages online

myCompiler is a simple and easy to use IDE where you can edit, compile and run your code in the programming language of your choice. It currently supports 16 programming languages with features like auto-completion, syntax highlighting and code collaboration.
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Thanks Chris for hunting myCompiler! Using myCompiler, you can write programs in 16 different programming languages(more languages coming soon!) right from your browser. No hassle of setting up environments, configuring dependencies and installing software - Just write your code and click on "Run" from any device. You can save your programs, share them, comment on code snippets and even fork a program. Do let us know your thoughts about myCompiler and share it with your friends :)
I like the product, dislike the design. I wish the output and code environment were right next to eachother so they form splitscreen
@lucas_hogendoorn Thanks for your suggestion! We will definitely consider this in our future release.
Congratulations on your launch @anirbandas17!
Looks useful. Esp for learning to code when you don't want to commit to anything specific.
who's idea was it to have code and output occupy the same pane?