A messenger bot who compiles your code online!

#3 Product of the DayOctober 30, 2016

A messenger bot who compiles your code online!Mycodebot is

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A messenger bot who can compile & run your code on messenger chat itself. Just input the language, code and testcase , and you are done. Running code on the go was never this easy. Additional Feature- access comprehensive geeksforgeeks articles in a 'light' pdf format. Just search for your topic using: /gfg For example: /gfg heapsort
Is the code being stored somewhere? what about security?
@ofirchakon Mycodebot uses the services of an online compiler API. The code is stored by the bot only till the next time you set some other code.... . And yes, It is only you who can access the code you set (and the botmaster, ofcourse).
@nikhilksingh97 sounds good thank you!
Cool, will use it
A facebook messenger bot which can:- 1. Compile and run your code on messenger itself. You can also provide the link of your ideone or pastebin code to set code. 2. Generate a 'light' PDF of any geeksforgeeks article you want. Just type the search topic and leave the rest to Mycodebot.