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Hi hunters, We’re thrilled to introduce Mybridge 2.0! It's a free app that will make your professional life simpler and more productive. Simply pick your skills and let Mybridge do all the work for you, searching and finding today's top articles. Mybridge AI got smarter than 1.0. It is now covering most of the web in tech and ranks articles with much higher precision for professionals, especially for programmers and designers. Another thing that's cool is Learning Collection. Mybridge now puts together top articles into related collections and this will come in handy when you're learning and improving your work. I hope you read more and achieve more with Mybridge!
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@jiwonbest Congrats Jiwon, have been a frequent user for a few months and am learning a lot.
@ryanckulp Thanks Ryan!!
@jiwonbest Congratulations! MyBridge is fantastic! Proud of you guys :-)
@millytoovey Thanks Milly!!
Can't wait for an android app!
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I like your A.I.'s taste
you app just made me better and smarter. Thanks!
Really love this, I can get the newest and (only) best articles at the same time now! I will definitely pay a subscribe when available.