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MyAlbum is the fastest way to your most beautiful album. Share online or order as photo book. The free MyAlbum Basic account offers unlimited storage for photos and videos in high quality.

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This is a really beautifully designed app! I love how it creates your story for you using your photos and videos, then allows you to add extra information like maps and weather info. It's not the first app I've seen that covers this kind of visual journalling, but it's definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing. I reckon apps like this are the photo albums of the future.
@riaface Hi Ria! I am very happy to hear you like it! There are definitely more apps and platforms in the area (storehouse, and steller to name a few) but the "enrichment" options make the app unique. Unlocking the EXIF data using API's and the tourist database really makes it easy to add trivia that make your story complete. Also the multiplatform site ensures a uniform viewing experience across all devices which is not common for all players in the area.
Loving the UI and idea but weirdly, I can't find the enrich tools!
@pwheslop you are right, enrichment for now is limited to PC and tablets however this will be added to the app over the summer.
Looks very pretty indeed. Can't wait to see the added enrichments! I think the added enrichments can even be used to activate people to add more photos / moments as to not forget to finish that story they are telling... Would be nice to be taken by the hand to tell your album story. Can be simple stuff like “We notice that the sun is shining where you are now, would you like to add a photo of the sky?” Stuff like that. Then add temp and related settings to the photo. It would be a great way for people to take more photos and get better at taking photos in a fun and engaging way. Just thought of that now... Anyway, I can't wait to see where your stories will take you. Definitely a good start! I'll be following you! =)
@david_hoogland Enrichment like offered on Tablets and PC's on is the next big update on the app! We expect to be add this over the next months. Thanks for your thoughts on localised suggestions. Interesting idea!