My Year Photo Book

All your year’s Facebook & Instagram moments, in a book!

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Perfect holiday/end of year gift for you and your SO. 😊
@rrhoover I knew you would have liked it - perfect for your Nostalgia collection! ;) Oh btw - we're launching this exclusively on PH with a 30% OFF discount on all prints! Enjoy!
Thanks @bramk for the hunt! We've been working hard on this app since a long time and I cannot wait for your feedbacks hunters! After the success of last year “Relive Your 2014” ( ) we wanted to make a step forward and create an even more frictionless and powerful mobile app that enables users to relive their year’s moments on the go – in one easy tap. Happy to answer any questions! Enjoy your memories!
@bramk again hunted down an amazing product - well spotted ;) This is by far the best way to create a photo book for people active on social media. And more, it helps yo not to get lost in a stream of posts. Upvote from me!
@awchristoph thanks - appreciated!
Great product! Would be even better if we could make an album of a friend's pictures, but I guess facebook API doesn't allow that ?
@mattchete thanks! We actually get (and use in My Year) your friends pictures where you're tagged. No way to get all friend's pictures directly from a FB API call - but we are working on a new app that will make it possible. Next year - stay tuned! ;)
Great product! Love how these guys keep their users engaged with new features. M
@wienke thanks! keep up the good work with The Things Network! ;)