My UTM Builder

Answer simple questions. Get best practice trackable URLs đź”—

For people who do digital marketing and wants their Google Analytics data to be clear and accurate.

"My UTM Builder" is a webpage with simple questions that lets you generate best practice trackable URLs.

Unlike other UTM builders my solution helps you past all typical pitfalls and gives you consistent and clear reports.

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I finally did it :D During eight years of working with digital marketing, I've seen how much Google Analytics can disorient it's users. How sad isn't it be to be mislead when trying to evaluate how you've spent both time and money promoting your great service or product. One of these crucial feature that you really should know how to get right, is campaign tracking (UTM tags). Otherwise you'll end up with messy reports. In my years working as a web analytics professional I've gathered some best practice steps to make your analysis consistent and clear. Personally, I never found the available generators to be sufficient as they demand me to be consistent and keep all do's and don'ts fresh in my mind. Therefore, I built "My UTM Builder" as a friendly questionnaire where all the conditional logic are there programmed in the behind, and the user just have to answer simple questions. Truly hope that this will be of good help for others! Super keen on hearing your thoughts on this. Would you try it out?
3 minutes into checking this out and I’ve already learned I’ve been doing utm tracking incorrectly (tracking internal links). This is going to be incredibly useful for us here, thanks!
@chrisgscott This makes me so happy to hear. I plan to write more helpful tips n triks linked from the result page. Got quite a lot of tweaks in google analytics which makes reporting more smoothly. If you and others keep coming back to the page, this will for sure motivate me to keep evolving this. And if you see any room for improvement in the form later on, you can easily inform me by using the messenger function on the app. Open to any further ideas ;)
@kjetil_grosland This, to me, would be a no-brainer lead magnet for a guide or course on UTM best practices. As soon as I saw that I was screwing up something so simple, it got me wondering all the other stuff I'm not doing correctly. I wouldn't have blinked at a sub-$20 best practices guide right at that moment.
Love this! Amazingly helpful tool @kjetil_grosland
@mzuvella It warms my heart to hear this. I've been putting in quite a few hours, and your comment is truly a reward. Please bookmark the page if you create URLs regularly. And if you see any room for improvement, you can easily message me through the messenger icon on the page :) Input from users are highly appreciated! :)
@kjetil_grosland After using it this week. Very slick. Much better than the Google one. One piece of feedback would be to add a specific channel for Facebook/IG ad campaigns.
@mzuvella Fully agree, buddy. Just added now a feature to split between Paid and Organic Social. All necessary info is provided within the builder. A must do in my eyes.

Makes creating UTM tracking links super easy.


Clean and easy