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The My Utilities national checkout platform is a comparison tool that allows users to compare and buy all their utilities for their home on one site. The data coverage for the application has national reach in the US and options for internet, TV, security, electricity, water and gas. My Utilities has established distributor relationships with dozens of national and regional providers to provide serviceability on an address level for most services in addition to data sharing and distribution agreements with these partners. The proprietary value of the platform is (1) its national reach, (2) breadth of utility partners, (3) ease of online use. Developing the data integrations and structure has taken over a year and relies on dozens of third-party data sources and integrations. The application’s purpose is to provide real-time comparison of utility options to US consumers with a focus on people who are moving homes. Over 40 million people move every year and setting up utilities at a new address is time-consuming. The process of researching your options may require navigating to multiple sites and price and feature comparison shopping those options. My Utilities offers a resource to view a comprehensive list of provider and plan options all in one place. Additionally, the ability to set up all services through one platform reduces data-entry redundancies and further optimizes the efficiency of the process.
@joke_ha Any plans to expand to Canada?
@braunshizzle it's not in near future plans. But who knows! Would you use it?
Awesome work!
Would love to see more coverage in the Privacy Policy/ToS about use of my email and address. Stopped me from providing email and getting to see any of the comparisons.
In my previous job, I worked on a similar service. What we encountered was, serviceability is really tough to implement because of so many providers and there serviceable zip codes. Their api's and contracts are harder to deal with. How is ur experience? Do u provide this service at 5 digit or 9 digit zip code level?
@sridhar_kondoji we do use four codes for locating some providers, but most services are quoted based on the address level. You are right that there is a larger margin for error at the zip code level.