My Time Zone is a browser extension for automatic time zone conversion. Just highlight to convert between time zones.

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"This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for building it πŸ™" –Every Remote Team Ever (including me!)
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@nickabouzeid Thanks Nick! really appreciate that.
Hey all, We got tired of the endless switching between tabs while scheduling cross time zones, so we have created this simple Chrome extension for seamless time zone conversion. Would love to hear your feedback.
Been using this ever since it was in beta, very cool and very useful. Love it. Nice job guys!
I've wanted a product like this for the longest time πŸ™ I've been blanking out 3 hour windows for a 1 hour call just because I don't trust websites to know it's currently BST not GMT... Also, kudos on the landing page 😍
LOVE this idea. I always get tripped up when daylight savings happens in the US vs. not in Europe yet. fantastic