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I was looking for a way to create a simple personal HTML landing page that I can host on my own server and couldn't find anything. So I built one. Now you can create a personal web site for yourself, take the code and host it on GitHub Pages or anywhere you want. All free. Feedback is very welcome!
It's pretty cool. The only thing I would say is that if you're technically skilled enough to host things yourself, then it's pretty likely you will know how to throw together some basic HTML. That's the strength of, it's totally non-technical. That said, the additional customisation is welcome, if you created a hosted version of this I reckon it would do reasonably well.
@marccrouch funny thing is that I'm technical enough to "throw together some basic HTML" but I didn't feel like spending time on doing anything more than **really** basic HTML. But I wanted it to look a little better than that. Which led to this project :) Here's the full story
@ailon after reading your justification on that blog post, it makes more sense to me now. Having seen some of the design "skills" my own engineers have (or rather, lack), this can certainly be helpful.
Alan - you rock! Thanks - you could have built this up into a small business for yourself [and maybe you will in the future] but I truly appreciate the fact that you gave it away to the community first...
@exlemor Thank you for the kind words Emmanuel! We'll see where this is going to go. For now I just wanted to solve a personal problem and do a web dev exercise :)
@ailon You should check out Carrd - A Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.
@ishu3101 hey, Ishan. Thank you for the tip! Carrd looks great. Too bad I didn't find it in my research. That said, it's still $99 to get the site you can self-host, which was one of the motivations for me to create MyStaticPage. More on it here
@ailon Carrd has great responsive one-page sites which you could use as your templates for your MyStaticPage website.
This is awesome. I was just about to manually create mine on Wix until this popped up!