My Startup Name

Free + simple framework to name your next project or startup

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 09, 2020
"My Startup Name" is a free and simple framework to name your next project, startup or business 🚀
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I was introduced to this simple naming framework a few years ago and decided to create a short guide to help you come up with a name your next project, startup or business. It's part of my course No-Code MVP, where I teach people the mindset, process and tools they can use to rapidly build and validate their startup ideas, without knowing or learning how to code. I decided to share this framework for free to support the community. The website and file delivery are of course made without code ;) (Carrd / Zapier / Google Sheets / Google Drive) I hope you enjoy it and am excited to hear what you come up with! ✌️
Great job!!😊 Will check it out
Just tried it out, found it immensely helpful.
Man I just typed out a long response & feedback and accidentally clicked out of the producthunt modal... Anyway, this is very useful to me as I'm struggling to name a product that I've created. Thanks! That said, I do have one piece of feedback that I think could significantly improve this process. Why not automatically propagate values throughout the spreadsheet? I expected when I filled in my keywords that they would show up at the top of the step 2 table. And when I filled in synonyms they would automatically show up in the step 3 table. This is super easy to achieve in excel, why not create the template like that to make users lives easier?
Also I'd imagine that you could quite easily build a web app that hooks into some kind of thesaurus API & translate API that would automatically do most of the work from the initial set of keywords and lets the user sift through the generated options. As it is there are many manual steps involved to get results out of this.
@golear yes I could probably do all of that, but you can also just copy paste yourself ;)
@bramk seems like a simple edit on your side that would save the time of many users and make the spreadsheet more delightful to use...but yeah you can do whatever you want 🙄
This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I have been struggling with a name. I think the translating into Latin is so smart!!! Hope I didn’t give away any secrets. 😇