My Slack Emoji

Turn your team photos into Slack emoji's

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My Slack Emoji is a fun little service that turns your team photos into custom emoji you can easily upload to your Slack. Once ready, you can use them just like any other emoji in Slack - by typing the respective keyword or finding them in the Emoji menu. For us, it's a fun way of adding an extra personal touch to our Slack. Creating custom emojis for new hires sure is a nice way of welcoming them to the team! I made this after hiring a designer to process images for my team some time ago. If you're clumsy with Photoshop (like me), I hope it makes your life easier :) And if you’re a developer, the app is open-sourced on Github. Handy if you have a similar idea and want to execute fast. Thanks to @jon for hunting this!
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@janklimo @jon Looks super cool! How are you creating the head cutouts? Manually?
@jgcatalano Hey Jacob! Yes, it's done by a freelance designer I've been working with for a long time now. The good thing is that I can pool orders, so you can order as few as 1 emoji. There's also a human touch to it, so there won't be quirks that might happen if you did it by a face recognition algorithm.
@tjlivesey wow, thank you, Tom! Great to hear from you again! 😊
We've been waiting for this to happen for a while :-) @bentossell @erictwillis @mubashariqbal @sethlouey
@danielkempe @erictwillis @mubashariqbal @sethlouey some of us are lucky enough to have them already!
@bentossell @erictwillis @mubashariqbal @sethlouey Yea, only you big shot celebrities haha
@danielkempe @bentossell @erictwillis @mubashariqbal oh man. This makes cutting faces out a whole lot easier. ;)
We've been doing this by hand for two years. Thanks for the help ;)
Great idea! Emojify the world's population!
@orliesaurus thank you! I like that mission 😄
Great app! Where can it be found on github? And a silly noob question… Can I use the emoji in other apps like Skype?
@seanatkisson Hey Sean, thank you! It's a Rails app, you can find it here ( I haven't tried with Skype, but as long as it supports custom emoticons, it should be possible, since the emoji are just simple PNG files. Let me know how it goes!