My Skin Track UV

A wearable that tracks exposure to UV and pollution

"My Skin Track UV measures both UVA and UVB rays, and provides instant status updates while storing up to 3 months of data. The battery-free sensor is activated by the sun and powered by the user's smartphone using near-field communication."

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This could honestly be a game changer in skin health, UV protection seems to be a sector that hasn't advanced all that much, excited to see what this can do . ☀️
Looks cool! It would be interesting if one could build this into sun glasses 😎
Congrats on your launch - fascinating . Can you tell me a bit more as to what the data fields are that this is recording ? Has it or will it ever be a crowdfunded ? Is there an overview video somewhere on line ? (I couldn't find one but didn't look that hard)
@taxodapp It's directly recording the amount of UV light you are exposed to by converting that light energy into an electrical signal. It was not crowdfunded, rather it was developed by the Rogers Research Group at Northwestern University and launched in partnership with L'Oreal. Here's an overview video from the initial announcement at CES 2018 (it was called UV Sense at the time)
Can nfc go from pocket to device? Why not solar powered? Looks really interesting
@kristen_rayford NFC is a very short-range protocol, so you need to essentially tap the phone to the sensor in order for the phone to record the sensor data. It's actually solar powered! The device (the part you wear) is completely battery free.
Just installed their (Android) app, but can't find an option to export data. Have used a SunSprite in the past to track sun exposure (and correlate it back to vitamin D levels), and would love to have a device that's a bit less fragile, but not having access to my data would be a show-stopper.