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#2 Product of the DayNovember 11, 2018

My Resume Format is a free resume builder with various pre designed resume templates ready for download. Get inspired by real resume lines that helped candidates get into companies like amazon, flipkart, paytm and Uber. Our AI enabled software keep curating the resume lines library so that you only get the best results

  • Pros: 

    Free and easy to use, flexible text and fonts, multiple templates and designs, Instant customisation and ofcourse peace of mind.


    Cant find any. It’s a very innovative and user friendly product.

    It’s one of the best online resume builders in India. We all know that writing a resume can be an intimidating and confusing task in this competitive world, putting enough pressure on us for standing out of the crowd. But using MyResume Format is like having a resume coach by your side who will make this task a cakewalk for you all.

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  • Gaurav Pant
    Gaurav PantStoryteller, content creator

    Fast, easy, time saver, lifesaver



    I think it is one of the best tools out there for this specific thing. For the people who crack their skull over formatting, here you go.

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Dheeraj Anand
Dheeraj AnandMaker@dheeraj_anand · Co-Founder at
Howdy Product hunt! 😃 We are a team of IIT grads and ex-Paytm engineers. This is our first product hunt launch and we are extremely overwhelmed with the positive response from the community. The product is completely free as of now and anyone can register to create a beautifully designed resume. Why and how we made this product: We observed that people whose first language is not English really struggle to make a good resume. This is where our auto-suggested resume lines feature helps - users get readymade resume line suggestions pertaining to their industry/job roles. It is developed in Golang, Python (for AI) and Angular 5 to create blazing fast system. Features: - Beautifully designed resume templates - Auto-suggest resume lines - Fast and secure - You can ACTUALLY download a professional looking resume PDF in minutes for free!! No hidden terms. I love the PH community and sincerely appreciate all the support and feedback. Shukriya PH 💕
Priyanka Roy
Priyanka Roy@priyanka_roy
@dheeraj_anand congrats on the launch 😄
Jyotsana Rangeen
Jyotsana Rangeen@jyotsana_rangeen
@dheeraj_anand Great! Awesome product, this will be so helpful. Congratulations ✨
Nadezhda Kos
Nadezhda Kos@nadezhda_kos · Marketing Manager, Sarafan Tech
@dheeraj_anand My compliments! Very nice idea and the product!!
Dheeraj Anand
Dheeraj AnandMaker@dheeraj_anand · Co-Founder at
@jyotsana_rangeen thank you 😃
Dheeraj Anand
Dheeraj AnandMaker@dheeraj_anand · Co-Founder at
@nadezhda_kos thank you 😃
Paul Danyliuk
Paul Danyliuk@paul_danyliuk · Maker of
Hey! Congrats on the launch! Just my 5c because for me this is a huge pet peeve. I’m talking about skills stars (bullets etc): Teamwork ••••• Microsoft Office ••••◦ Like, what does that even mean? You can come to an agreement with 100% of your colleagues but don’t know what each 5th button of Microsoft Word does? I’ve always seen this as rubbish pieces of information that don’t convey any meaning and only serve as "design for design’s sake". And yet those are in nearly every CV template on the web, nearly every generator, and on nearly every designer's resume. I simply cannot grasp why everyone is so fond of them. Please consider stopping promoting this horrendous pattern 🙂
Dheeraj Anand
Dheeraj AnandMaker@dheeraj_anand · Co-Founder at
@paul_danyliuk Thanks for your comment. This simply indicates the level of expertise on that particular skill. As you rightly pointed out about this trend, so honestly we followed. I think you didn't notice but some of our templates don't use this design pattern. Anyways i will keep your feedback in mind while designing the next template 😄
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Hope you guys have more unique designs pattern cause the ones I have used almost every resume builder has the same kind of design and biggest issue is that downloading is never free, hope it is not the case? What are the features or improvements you are planning in the long run? Would love to hear about your thoughts
Dheeraj Anand
Dheeraj AnandMaker@dheeraj_anand · Co-Founder at
Hey @ayush_chandra we are mainly focusing on 2 key areas: 1. Adding new resume templates with better design. We will also introduce affordable subscription model for premium designs. Note - There always be some free templates to download 😉 2. Also we will feed more data set to our ML system, so that we can suggest more resume lines for all sorts of job profile.
Merrill Hefdy
Merrill Hefdy@merrillhefdy
Great tool guy thank you! But I can't upload my picture any idea why?
Tarun Kr Bhardwaj
Tarun Kr BhardwajMaker@tarun_kr_bhardwaj
@merrillhefdy Sorry for the inconveniece, I hope there is no such issue, but if you are still facing it, I would love to assist you.
Merrill Hefdy
Merrill Hefdy@merrillhefdy
@tarun_kr_bhardwaj I guess it was because the weight of my picture was too heavy, with a smaller one it worked perfectly fine, thank you :)
Salinger Lynn
Salinger Lynn@salinger_lynn · hyiii