My Motion

Build a profile that describe things you approve/disapprove

I hacked together My Motion in a few days with the intension to let users list of things they like/dislike or approve/disapprove in their own perspective. Remember, there is no such thing as the "right" answer. My Motion could serve as an ice-breaker in conversations with your new friends or in getting to understand the other's tastes better.

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It could be used for dating sites, I can see that happening.
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@jenifa_orin OKC has a similar thing, users answer questions and it has an algorithm to match users based on their answers.
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I like the idea of combining poetry and tech


Beautiful UX

Creative idea



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The idea is indeed creative, could use a better UX.
@juan_lane Thanks for your feedback! @erna_v_waterman Ah, can if I ask you to elaborate on your (honest) experience?
Looks πŸ‘ like a great πŸ“ˆ ideaπŸ’‘
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seems like you can improve the design


funny idea


i don't like the design that much