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This app is useful because it's tough to remember your own vaccinations as well as the specifics around your children. Have you thought of expanding to let the user manage at the family level as well as individual level? Nice job on the app.
@front9tech That's a great suggestion, I'll definitely look to add the ability to track the immunizations of family members in the future
@snagra_ great - best of luck with app. I look forward to seeing it evolve
I strongly support bringing tech and hacking into medicine in any capacity. how easy is it to translate my data from the app into hospital systems/intranets? what are the exporting options?
Hey everyone, I'll be on here throughout the day answering any questions you may have (during my breaks of studying for finals). Some quick background on me and the project. I'm a student pharmacist about to head into my final year of pharmacy school and rotations in Palo Alto in about 2 weeks. Over the last 2 years I've been a part of a patient care project called Operation Immunization where, during which time we've administered over 5,000 free immunizations (influenza, pneumococcal, and Tdap) to the public. I created My Immunizations because I noticed the vast majority of patients did not travel with their vaccination record and couldn't remember their vaccine history, so we often couldn't offer them some of our free vaccines, such as pneumococcal or Tdap, even though they probably were eligible for them. I wanted to give patients an easy way to always have their vaccine record with them. Over time I expanded the app with the ability for vaccinating pharmacies to list their locations, Operation Immunization to list their upcoming free clinics, and give access to CDC resources about various vaccines. I plan on continuing to expand the features into future. I look forward to any comments or questions the community may have!
It's a great tool but here in Europe doctors are already asking if we want to be input in a certain system so it looks like standards are already in place here.
@poehah this is why exporting would make everything super easy. enter data once and never experience the friction again in your life.
@rometty_ but I would guess the European parliament had rules in place to transfer this data to the US if needed.