My Holiday Map

Design your own unique poster of your holiday 🗺

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 13, 2019

I would share my trips with my friends by sending them a Google Maps screenshots. Great for directions, not that nice to put on the wall though.That’s why we've created My Holiday Map; a customisable poster by which you can visualise your holiday or roadtrip 🚗.

Because your adventure deserves more than a Google Maps screenshot.

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👋 Hi Product Hunt, We’re pretty excited to launch this project. Give it a go, and yes, 20% discount for Product Hunters with the code “HAPPYDAYS20”!
@thijs_sondag wow, I should do one of these for my Grand Startup Tour trip!
Lovely. I wish to give access to my google maps history data to prepare pdf and pay one time for image which I can print on my home printer.
@vladkorobov good suggestion! It's on the roadmap to integrate with Google Maps and export as high res file so you can print at your own shop.
I love this! Can it combine several adventures in one bigger map? (e.g. world map 🌎)
@zelena yes! When there is no road available (e.g. travel between continents), you will fly between those locations.
Like the idea :). Can imagine for some special trip one did with their SO.
This is amazing! This will be my go-to gift for all souvenirs from now, and mementos for my wife & i! ❤️