My Friends Love Gifts

Find the best gifts for all your friends birthdays helps you to find awesome gifts for your friends birthdays and to buy them on time 🎁

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Hi PH! Very excited to launch my first product! 🎁 Ever had a birthday party but totally forgot to buy a present? With that will never happen again. Fill in your friends, their interests and swipe through awesome gifts. Pick a gift for each friend and receive a reminder when it's time to buy the gift. Free shipping worldwide! I'd love to receive feedback and ideas. I wrote an article to capture my process from idea to launch, you can read that here: You can also connect with me and follow my journey as a maker on Twitter @Aidenbuis.
@aidenbuis Congratulations for launching! Really like the article ;)
@clominson Thank you Rich!
@tcodinat Thanks Toni! Awesome to hear :-)
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@think_andreah Thank you Andrea!
Very necesary thing.
@rashidkabamba Thank you Rashid!
Sounds amazing. I could definitely use this in the future, good stuff! :)
@codingcoop Thanks Joseph!! :)