My Fave Things

Get paid for word of mouth advertising! πŸ’°

My Fave Things is platform by which you can get paid for promoting products that you already love. Add items from Amazon, copy the link, get paid when people purchase. It's that simple!

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Garg AnkitSilicon-Meat Interface Engineer
Is it like you generate affiliate income, and then share a percentage with the hunter?
@graciousgarg Exactly.
Tony Murphy
Senior Product Designer
How do you get around the Amazon Affiliate guidelines for not have original content on these sites?
Brad UngarVice President, Greenly
What is different than someone just signing up as an affiliate with Amazon?
@bradungar Basically convenience and ease of use. My imagined primary use case for My Fave Things is sharing links in social networks.
Brian-Logan ReidMarketing & Business Strategy Consultant
@bradungar @anthony_dito - ^this makes the most sense for monetization
Dhanraj AcharyaDeveloper trying to become Maker
I think it violates the Amazon Associates program participation requirement point 14. so sooner or later, your affiliate account can be freezed.
Erick MullerI like blogging and running.
Can this be used for blogs? I know Amazon requires an affiliate disclaimer. How does that work on social media?
@mullerickins The links first take the user to My Fave Things (which has the disclaimer) and then they are taken to Amazon once the user clicks on the link.